What is the Creative Truth?

Terrass & I have talked a lot about this, but we also think it’s going to be something we figure out as we go.

The Creative Truth is the truth about what it takes to work professionally in a creative role. What it takes to a wedding photographer, a graphic designer, or a professional podcaster. What gear is needed. Why it’s important to be truthful.

We’ve both worked professionally as video/creatives for more than ten years each. We both overcome hardships and somehow landed back on our feet. We want to tell the truth about what it takes to make it, whether you are just starting out as an independent filmmaker or have plans to work in the industry.

Razz will provide you with “moments of truth;” inspirational thoughts he has about success, business, and creativity. I will tell the truth about finding the right gear, building your business, working with clients, and how freelance work varies from salaried creative roles.

We know this will change and grow, so please, if you have suggestions for topics or guests, please let us know!


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