Welcome to the Creative Truth.

The first recording is complete

Terrass & I met at Bull Street Labs last Tuesday to record the first Creative Truth podcast. I was pretty nervous since I’m not used to being in front of the camera (I’m usually behind the scenes) but Razz made me comfortable and relaxed in what would otherwise be a stressful environment. I think the most important thing for me to remember was to just be true to myself rather than thinking about people listening into our conversation.

Part of what we talked about during this introductory recording was our personal mission for the podcast. Razz talking about finding success and leaving a legacy for his children, and I talked a bit about sharing my deep knowledge about video and wide knowledge about business, marketing and creativity.

We asked each other five questions to kicked things off, and already starting planning out topics and guests for our second, third, fourth sessions and beyond. We’re planning to launch sometime this summer, but I will be posting regular updates on the site and on social media leading up until that time.

I set up a BTS camera so you can see some of what our setup looked like, but hopefully we’ll be improving our setup and process with each session as we gain more experience! Stay tuned.


Tyler & Razz, Behind the Scenes at Bull Street Labs Savannah during the first Creative Truth podcast recording.

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